Targeting MDG Goal 2: Achieve Universal Primary Education

At the turn of the millennium, world leaders came together at the United Nations to improve social and economic conditions in the world’s poorest countries.  They targeted eight major areas of development need in the world, which have become known as the Millennium Development Goals.  Governments, foundations, businesses and numerous international groups rallied around the call to action.  The United Nations Singers are now embarking on a bold new initiative aimed at using the medium of music to help advance the achievement of MDG #2:  Primary Education.

The United Nations Singers is a recreational club whose members come from all over the world and work at UN headquarters in New York.  We are not funded by the United Nations and we do not represent the UN in any official capacity.  We are “unofficial goodwill ambassadors,” traveling the globe to promote the message of peace and harmony through music.  We dress in national costumes and sing traditional songs in many different languages.  Among an immense array of unforgettable experiences, our visits to schools and children’s hospitals have been particularly moving.  These visits have inspired us to use our energies and unique position to create special events, concerts and performances to further the effort toward the achievement of MDG #2 by the target date of 2015. Click here to view UNTV's report on the UN Singers' MDG project.

At a Glance

Event Date Donor Amount Result
Committee for Teaching About the UN Annual Conference (CTAUN) 14 January 2011 CTAUN $300.00 Camfed: a girl in Zambia goes to school for one year
Committee for Encouraging Philanthropy (CERP) 28 February 2011 CERP $500.00 Caring for Cambodia: Teacher’s salary and school supplies for one primary school classroom for two months
New York Presbyterian Hospital Concert 30 March 2011 Concerts in Motion $300.00 2 bicycles for school girls in India. 3 desks for schoolchildren in Mali. 
UNA/NY 11 May 2011   $100.00 A donation to Apne Aap is helping to end child trafficking in India and get girls back in school
Private donation 21 June 2011   $100.00 A donation to K.I.N.D. is providing desks for four children in Malawi.
Total as at 15 Aug. 2011     $1300 Immeasurable